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Polled Herefords
We have always crossed our Polled Herefords with Angus to produce black baldies. The black baldy is always in strong demand in the heifer and steer markets. Recently, a bull customer of ours received a letter from a national stockyard, citing his calves as having the "highest value" of the year! They were black and red baldies! GREAT cattle have GREAT value!
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Much of the cattle market has gone black. We have even sold cattle to breeders raising "black herefords." The problem with our cowherds, purebred or commercial, is that we do not produce a consistent product. One of R.A. Brown's grandson's spoke at a cattleman's meeting and said, "Our herds have become a Heinz 57 variety, no consistency in color and quality." Being black does not mean they are good!
Our baldies are always Hereford/Angus crosses, the only two breeds that are consistently recognized for meat quality. Exotics, Brahman and other breeds do not consistently put a "prime" product on the table. They usually grade select or low choice.  Hereford/angus crosses grade higher than any other breed or combination of breeds, even on grass. Here at the ranch, we raise our steers! We don't buy them from sale barns as some do. Every calf that is marketed as ours was bred, born, and raised right here! We have black baldy heifers and steers available at most times.
Drive around in the country and look at the cowherds in the pastures. You will find 5 or more "breeds" represented in small herds. Look at their calf crops, no consistency, no matter what bull they use. We must get back to the basics. No consistency in the pasture means no consistency on the plate.
Romans 8:31
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