"Grass to Grill"

K Bar K Meats produces clean, natural and healthy pasture raised meats. God created cattle to be ruminants. They eat grass and roughages, not grains. After eating a bucket of grain, a cow's "grass digesting bacteria" can die within ten hours. The PH in her stomach is then changed, thus killing all of the bacteria needed for breaking down the grass into nutrients. It will take up to six weeks for that bacteria to be restored or replaced by other bacteria. This is one reason feedlot cattle are fed antibiotics. The stress level is high and resistance is low.
Our beef has not been bought at salebarns. We raised it! It is produced by cows that are
backed by several generations of quality cows. Utilizing the best in hybrid vigor, we cross our Herefords and Angus, resulting in the black baldy. The black baldy is known by cattlemen, butchers and customers for it's quality carcass characteristics. It's that good!

Most ranches are 5 to 50 acres. We have over 1300 acres and maintain a cowherd of over 400 head. We can supply the needs of a family, restaurant or meat market. Let us know what you need and we will work to make it happen.
Our poultry operation utilizes portable shelters that allow our birds to move and rotate to green grass. The birds have an all natural custom feed diet and are allowed to eat green forage and all the "goodies" in the pasture. Their environment is designed to reduce stress and thus promoting freedom, growth and quality.
We do not feed, inject or implant growth hormones or antibiotics to our meat production animals. The public is so used to having additives in every aspect of our food supply. There are so many things that scientists are linking to cancer, behavior and health problems just in food additives. Natural meats are healthier than the feedlot beef we are used to buying. More information and studies are available at www.eatwild.com.
Cattle that are on pasture are more calm, less stressed and not standing in mounds of feces, thus removing the need of mass antibiotics and treatments. Our beef and chicken is treated humanely and with as little stress as possible. When me try to do things the way God intended, we are always better off (Romans 8:31)!
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Romans 8:31
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