We have been raising registered Polled Herefords for over 25 years. A lot of ranches have come and gone in that time and we have seen a lot of changes in the cattle business. Our goals and philosophies have not changed: raise quality animals that flourish on grass as God intended. We have shown cattle successfully and sell several heifers and steers every year for the junior show circuit, but our focus is on functional cattle that will be productive and profitable.
We sell 20 to 30 bulls a year that go into purebred and commercial herds. Our bulls are not pampered or have their heads in feeders. They grow on grass. If an animal does not perform, it is culled. Many of us have purchased bulls, brought them home and they fell apart out in the pasture. You will pick from bulls that have lived their whole life on pasture with very little supplement. They do work for their new owners. Contact us for your next herdbull purchase. We guarantee it!
Our heifers are bred from generations of selection and culling. We do not keep cattle that do not function. We cull our herd for udder quality, temperament and production. If they do not produce a quality calf, they do not stay! Heifers are expected to calve as at the age of two years. Cattle that do not meet these standards are culled.
Years ago, the beef industry chased frame scores. Some breeds only refer to EPDs or lineage when describing an animal. Other breeds think quality only comes if the animal is a certain color. We believe in quality! For over 25 years, we have not chased fads, the bull of the month club or extremes. A moderate framed animal that is bred to be productive and not too extreme in any area is what we strive to produce. Our cowherd is basically a Victor based herd and we select our herdsires by choosing bulls that come from great cows. We do not have a closed or linebred herd, but we have the ability to produce a consistent and reliable animal.
"Grass to Grill"
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