Polled Herefords
"Grass to Grill"
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We have also been very fortunate to have owned some breed greats and been able to use embryo transplant to accelerate and broaden our genetic base. A donor cow must be a super producer before she makes the donor pen, not just won some shows. Our program is built on performance in the pasture!
Our cowherd is built on the foundation that a cow must produce a live, profitable and marketable calf every year, on grass. We do not have bulk feeders out for our cows or calves. They get raised on milk and grass.
The cowherd is built on genetics that have been selected to build a maternal cowherd that is as problem free as can be. Our first cows were of Victor/Nick/Banner bloodlines for our cowherd. Some chased frame scores, epd extremes or other fads, we focused on a strong, moderate framed cow herd that was productive, functional and dependable. Over the years, we have added genetics to compliment and strengthen the program.
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