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Polled Herefords
Here is a list of bulls we use naturally or through AI to add to our herd.

  • DCC 5072 BECKETT 7076 ET, P42779683
  • AHR BOOMER 29D ET, P42938081
  • STAR CCR 5L BRUTUS 247T, P42776147
  • TRM 2E ELIJAH P606 5151 ET, P42685374
  • THM 67J HOSS 7557 ET, P42823017
  • WTK 102M JACK 21F, P42173599
  • BR DM KEY DOMINO 0177, P42145038
  • S & S KODIAK 22K, P42112714
  • DCC 122L LIFE 6270 ET, P42751607
  • TRM MOHICAN NASDAQ 37E 5164 ET, P42670389
  • DUNWALKE PLUS 6110F, P23937681
Our herdbulls have been selected for performance, maternal, calving ease and carcass characteristics. K Bar K Ranch bulls are proven and dependable. We do not chase fads or EPDs. They both usually change dramatically over a short period of time. The bulls we select MUST perform in the pasture and produce a calf that is needed by cattlemen and the consumer.
These bulls and others like EMBLEM, MISSILE, JIM, and EMBRACER will have an impact on our herd for years. Contact us for semen or certificates on KEY DOMINIO, KODIAK, EMBLEM or PLUS.
Contact scott@kbarkmeats.com with your questions and comments.
Romans 8:31
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