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Bill Paxton and Kent Black
Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton
Glen Powell, Scott Galyon, film Key Grip,
Bobby Hancock, Will Wallace

Glen Powell
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Executiver Producer
Patricia Carpenter

Will Wallace

Breann Johnson, Glen Powell, Bill Paxton,
Luke Perry, Frances Fisher and Joelle Carter

Although the majority of filming for "Red Wing" took place in and around Whitewright (also in Grayson County, Texas), K Bar K Ranch was also featured in the film. For several days in the hot summer of 2012 (August 8 - 11), all ranch work ceased as we dabbled in the feature film business.
Kent Black remembers:

"A local gal, who is very interested in movies and the arts in general, called me in 2011. She said she was helping this movie outfit to find a ranch suitable for scenes in the movie "Red Wing." I said okay and she said she wanted to bring some of the movie crew to see our ranch. She arrived a few weeks later with 2 or 3 people, one of them was executive producer Patricia Carpenter. They said it was the perfect background and they would be back in touch. I didn't hear anything more for about 8 or 9 months and then they came back with a contract. They worked out the various scene locations with Scott."
As the crew prepared for filming to begin on the ranch the next morning, the Blacks invited Will Wallace, Bill Paxton and several others to their home for drinks.
Bill Paxton and Kent Black
Glen Powell, Scott Galyon, Bill Paxton
Scott Galyon (ranch manager), Will Wallace, Bill Paxton, Kent Black (ranch owner)
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