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Contact scott@kbarkmeats.com with your questions and comments.
"We purchased a leg of lamb last week at the farmer's market and it was fabulous!!!..."
We're so glad you enjoyed it Amber.

"Thank you for having such amazing meats..."
Thank you for your business Brenda.

"All I can say is LORD HAVE MERCY!!...I have never tasted Rib eye like that in my life...Saw great reviews about you...You got a customer for life!!!! THANK YOU FOR GREAT QUALITY!!!!! I THOUGHT THIS KINDA QUALITY WAS GONE FOREVER!"
Thanks so much Dawn. We sincerely appreciate your kind comments.

"...just wanted to let you know that we recently ate at The Harvest restaurant in McKinney, and the manager came to our table to inquire if we enjoyed our meal. We did very much, and he brought up K Bar K Ranch as one of his great resources."
That's great to hear. Thanks Rebecca.

"We recently ate steak at a Sherman restaurant that was provided by your ranch...Excellent meat!"
Thanks Pat.

"Thank you so much for the steaks! My husband and I enjoyed dinner and steak and eggs the next morning. You made me look really good, my husband was bragging on my cooking!!!..."
Our pleasure Debi.

"My husband and I were at the Frisco FM last weekend and got a few things from you. Filets, pork chops, brats, and chicken. We have been incredibly pleased over the quality and flavor of all. Especially the chicken. I've never been a chicken lover but oh my goodness, the flavor of your chickens is the best I've EVER eaten. I had no idea it could taste that good. The problem we have now is we only want to eat K Bar K meats..."
Thanks so much Tev and Scott.